Our system allows operators to collect customer data that rewards the loyal buying behavior. Today, more companies than ever before are offering a frequent parker program to their loyal corporate customers. By deploying a parking loyalty program at your business, frequent parkers can earn corporate points, redeem awards such as free stays, upgrades and ancillary services, and review account information in real time.


The benefits that come with a parking loyalty program include, but are not limited to:

  • Extensive Loyalty Program - a turnkey solution for converting points into cash value during the booking and/or check-in process.

  • Complete Program Support - a committed team to provide the necessary tools that a program needs to succeed such as marketing services, program training and consultations.

  • Multichannel Booking Options - a centralized platform to capture profiles and points from any booking channel managed by the company. This excludes third-party websites.


Similar to the travel industry companies, points can be redeemed during the booking process.

  • Reward. Set the loyalty points YOU want for your customers.

  • Redeem. Points are offered to customers in the booking process.

  • Review. Points are accessible to be viewed online 24/7.